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Steve Frost, guitarist, singer/songwriter

  • Instrument(s): Guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion, shakuhachi, and Native American flute
  • Genre: Easy, pop, classic, folk, country, rock, originals
  • Bio info: Steve was raised on good music by a musical family, has been playing in bands since grade school, started songwriting in his teens, was a full-time touring musician through the ’80s to later become a recording engineer and producer up to the present.

Find Steve’s Soundcloud collection HERE
Find Steve’s One Moment – Never Ends album on Amazon HERE
Find Taking Care Sound Tribe album on Amazon HERE

George Coleman, Finger-style Guitarist

Frequently plays with:
Brian O’Connor – Jazz and Pop singer
Walkin’ West band – Rock, Pop, Country
and others occasionally
Happy to play with anyone, especially on a moment’s notice.
Instruments: Classical, 12-string and Gypsy-jazz guitars. Also the Greek bouzouki.
Accustomed to playing many genres of popular music.  All arrangements are original.

I have been playing at parties and restaurants on the coast for six years and now play at The Shelburne Hotel most Saturday nights. I studied jazz with Dan Golden (of Seaside and Albuquerque) and classical guitar technique with Peter Zisa at Portland Community College. I had played a lot when I was young but neglected music for decades until eight years ago when I began practicing again, several hours each day. I am inspired by Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, Carlos Montoya, Charlie Byrd, George Harrison, Carlos Santana, Eric Johnson, Alfredo Muro, Ottmar Liebert and many others.

The Oyster Crackers, Vocal Trio

Bette Lu Krause, vocals and guitar
Christl Mack, vocals, guitar, and percussion
Rita Smith, vocals, violin, mandolin, and harmonica

Barney Perrine (solo) or The Barney 9 Fingers Band

  • Instrument(s): Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, and violin, mandolin, keyboard to a lesser extent, drums in an emergency
  • Genre: Blues. Rock with jazz influence, and originals
      • Bio info: Barney Perrine, born in Aberdeen, WA, grew up in Grays Harbor County and began performing professionally in 1977. A move to the Astoria area finds Barney performing the blues and classic rock as a single act or playing with the Barney 9 Fingers Band.

Larkin, Multi-instrumentalist (flutes, hammer dulcimer)

  • Instrument(s): Silver flute, bamboo flute, and others. Hammer dulcimer
  • Genre: Ambient, meditative, classical
  • Bio info: Larkin’s contributions as musician, storyteller, and humanitarian and his lifetime efforts towards sustainability for our planet are both locally and globally recognized. His performances are always entertaining, memorable, and magical.
    Through ancient and timeless melodies, stories, and poetry Larkin evokes the alignment of the audience and planet Earth, orchestrating an open mindfulness that resonates deeply; creating inspiration and joy.

Chuck Whittey, Songwriter / Storyteller

Ben Stone, Alice Stone, and Liz Van Hove

Jason Sheaux’s Demo