Songwriting with Margot Merah

Finding the song that wants to be writtena songwriting workshop with Margot Merah

Tuition is $40. Scholarships are available for all or part of the tuition. Email us at if interested in a scholarship.

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What songs do you love to listen to and why do you love them?  What makes a song move you?  In this workshop we will look at aspects of song structure, lyrics, emotion, harmony and melody and rhythm in songs we already know and love.  We will then explore through exercises and discussion ways to get your own creative juices flowing and also get out of your own way so that you can write the song you want or the song that wants to be written!  Please bring along the lyrics to a song you already know and love (not your own).  If you have a song written or part of a song, please bring the lyrics to the song as well.  You do not have to have an original song finished to participate in this workshop.  You can have an idea or none.  Come with an open mind and an open heart.  By creating a safe and exploratory environment, we will learn what inspires us in songs and how to find the song that wants to be written.   

Telling stories is what the folk tradition is all about and it is what Margot Merah loves to do. Tales about life, simple and small with an eye  for detail as well as the bigger picture. Margot’s music is comforting, hopeful and melancholic. Acoustic folk songs that at one time remind you of rural Ireland and other times transports you to the New York folk scene of the early sixties.

Margot Merah and Kathryn Claire will be performing as a duo on July 17th at the Peninsula Arts Center.  Kathryn Claire will be sitting in on this workshop and sharing her process and offering support.