Thursday, Dec. 7th, 7PM (doors at 6:30)

Local Artist Kirk Anthony Hurd

Kirk can be found most days manning the brew deck at North Jetty Brewing where he is the Lead Brewer, but prior to his days as a brewer he spent many years behind a guitar and microphone.

Kirk’s original dream was to be an actor and in pursuit of that dream he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and toured as a professional for several years, after which he found himself working for a church in Southern California.

Music was always in my family. My grandmother sang, my aunts and uncles played instruments…. I just never took it seriously until it was dropped in my lap by the congregation I worked for.  They wanted an alternative form of worship and being young and reckless at the time I said no sweat! So, I picked up the guitar and began to learn a new chord every week so I could help lead the music.  Later on one of our main singers quit, the microphone was empty… and well, there you have it.”

Years later Kirk had sold his guitar and packed away the microphone.

I was done.  I guess it was something that I needed to do to lay some things in my own life to rest.”

A year later Kirk’s wife, Kristin, bought him a new guitar for his birthday and requested that he start playing again.  “It was humbling that my playing and voice were important to her.  It was also refreshing to me because music from that point on was mine.  It wasn’t tied to a church or a job.  It was simply an expression.”

Kirk’s musical influences run the gamut from Eddie Vedder to Loggins and Messina.  “Music for me has to tell some kind of story; it has to resonate on a deeper level.  I’m all for snapping my fingers and dancing along, but as a singer I need a story to tell, so most of the songs I do come from that place – the story.”

Kirk has played a number of open mics on the Peninsula and is more than delighted to have this opportunity at the Peninsula Arts Center.

The Peninsula Arts Center ( is located at 504 Pacific Ave. N., Long Beach, WA.

There is a $5 minimum cover for admission. Reservations are available by emailing, or by calling Bill at (360) 901-0962.

Wine, beer, and other refreshments are available for purchase.