Beth and Ara’s Creativity Workshop

OPEN SONG – Play More
~ A singing, songwriting, group shenanigans workshop for everyone ~
Singing can be intimidating. Writing can be intimidating. Jams can be intimidating. And open mics? My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about it. Maybe you were born with nerves of steel but for most of us, even seasoned performers, putting your creative self out there feels like standing in front of a room naked and you get all shaky and second guess yourself and feel like everyone is better than you and wonder why are you doing this again?
Trying something new is some of the bravest work you’ll ever do. And we believe that the best way to coax out ideas, songs, words, whatever might in there takes a thoroughly supportive environment and permission to just try already.
We don’t teach people how to sing. We help people remember how to play. Come to a workshop where we’ll play together.
  • Write group poetry. It’s strange and silly and surprisingly fun.
  • Make up songs. We’ll approach songwriting from new angles, and if you’ve never done it, we’ll give you some ideas to get you going.
  • Do some creative unlocking. We’ll do some talking about why and where and how we get stuck. And we’ll give you some tools to dig up that stuff and give you permission to start where you are.
  • Sit still. We think this alone is worth the price of admission. What happens when we do that is things float to the surface. We’ll help you catch that stuff with a net, usually in the form of a piece of paper.
  • Sing, like nobody’s listening. OK; we’ll be listening, but we’ll be doing it together. Off-key, on-key, loudly, softly, together, and solo if you feel ready. We’ll do it in a non-religious, non-performance, non-take-yourself-too-seriously environment. Because singing is the most fun and if you can talk, you can sing. We promise.
The cost of the workshop is $65 and a light lunch is included.
To register for the workshop, or for more information, please contact Sue Svendsen at or call (360) 771-5708.